LAND, Group Exhibition at Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood

I was part of a group exhibition titled LAND at Off the Kerb gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne. It was such a pleasure to be invited to make a piece for this show, and there were so many other great artists in the exhibition. Thanks to all who were able to come to the exhibition and to the team at Off the Kerb for making it happen.

Disappearing from View, in the LAND group exhibition at Off the Kerb, opening night in April 2021

Solastalgia, Exhibition at Off the Kerb, Collingwood

Thank you ever so much to all that came to our exhibition at Off the Kerb, we had the best time discussing art and ideas with you on opening night. Big thanks to those who visited the gallery throughout the duration of the show. We hope that this exhibition has inspired you to think about responses to climate change and how we can act collectively moving forward.

Solastalgia, Upcoming Exhibition at Off the Kerb, Collingwood

My friend and fellow artist/illustrator, Greg Harriden and I have an exhibition at Off the Kerb in Collingwood, Melbourne in February. We have been busily making works for the past few months that invite us all to reflect upon the impacts of human-induced climate change, our current responses to the issue and how me might act moving forward. We would love to see you at the opening night event.