Cederberg and Protea

This picture was once again inspired by the big long road trip holiday to South Africa back in 2012. It was such a good holiday, and the landscapes were so inspiring! I would go back there in heartbeat. I had such fun painting outside looking up at the impressive Cederberg mountain range.

Cederberg, 2012, watercolour on watercolour board

This picture was made once back in Australia and reflecting on the time spent in South Africa. Such a great time!

Untitled (Protea), 2012, watercolour on watercolour board

Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a graphite drawing that I made for a very good friend’s wedding gift. This stunning mountain range in Canada was where my friends got engaged, so it was only fitting to draw this particular picture. This was the beginning of a series of mountain drawings, so I’m pretty happy they popped the question in this stunning landscape!

Three Sisters, 2014, graphite on rag paper, NFS


This drawing made in 2014, Grounded, was the beginning of what turned into a series of graphite drawings. The subject for this drawing was the underwater theme that I had been exploring for years. Looking back on this work, I feel it was a pivotal piece, as the style was something I then employed in later landscape graphite pieces.

This piece was exhibited, with other artworks, in Neighbouring Practice in 2019 at Dirty Dozen in the Campbell Arcade under the subway at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia.

Grounded, 2014, graphite on rag paper

Yellow Waters

It seems that I get a lot of inspiration for artworks from holidays I have been on, and those amazing landscapes that you can see.

This work was created after the first time I went to Kakadu. My sister moved to Darwin to study her PhD, and I was lucky enough to visit her in the Northern Territory. We went on an incredible trip to Kakadu and out on a boat across Yellow Waters. This artwork was inspired by the amazing sunset and view there.


Yellow Waters, ink and watercolour on rag paper, 2014, SOLD

Untitled, South African flowers

This drawing was created after one of the best holidays I have ever been on.

My Mum was born in South Africa. After hearing amazing stories of the country and lifestyle growing up, in 2012 we went on an incredible 7 week road-trip around the country.

I drew this picture when I returned back to Melbourne, inspired by all the wildlife and plants that I’d seen.


Untitled (South African flowers), pencil and ink on rag paper, 2013, SOLD

Endlessly Searching Series

The Endlessly Searching series are intaglio prints using predominantly aquatint. These three works were exhibited in my solo exhibition Hidden, Unseen, Unknown in 2013 and were again exhibited in the River Studios Window Walk as part of the Craft Cubed festival in 2018.

Endlessly Searching, multiple plate intaglio print on rag paper, 2013, edition of 10

Endlessly Searching II, multiple plate etching on rag paper, 2013, edition of 10

Endlessly Searching III, multiple plate etching on rag paper, 2013, edition of 10

Untitled, jellyfish

This watercolour was made in 2012. It was exhibited at my solo exhibition Hidden, Unseen, Unknown in October 2013. I have created this jellyfish using delicate watercolour brush marks, representing the ephemeral aspects of this animal. Without directly representing water, one can imagine the sea swirling around this creature. The ocean is still a place of wonder and awe, full of creatures like these. It continues to hold many secrets.

Watercolour on rag paper, 2012 SOLD

Watercolour on rag paper, 2012