River Studios in West Melbourne, is a refurbished space, managed by Creative Spaces. River studios now holds over 80 emerging and established artists, including myself Nicole Macdonald, in a large complex building over three levels.

Creative Spaces is a free platform to find or list creative spaces for use.

Kingston Arts is a multi-faceted visual and performing art space based in the Kingston area in Melbourne, Australia.  Its venues include the G3 Artspace where my solo exhibition, Hidden, Unseen, Unknown was held in 2013.

Raven Contemporary is an Australian based art website with much information, including a review of my solo exhibitionHidden, Unseen, Unknown in 2013.

Mildred is an aesthetically beautiful creative website with a wonderful review of my work, most of which was shown at Hidden, Unseen, Unknown in 2013.

Visual Pursuits is a wonderful and insightful blog by art curator Marguerite Brown, with a review of my 2013 solo exhibition Hidden, Unseen, Unknown.  

The Census of Marine life has a beautiful website that for every marine lover is worth checking out.  And it also has some of my works on the site that you can check out too.

Printeresting is a wonderful site that has all things print – quirky and unusual it is well worth a look.

The Print Council of Australia is an amazing resource for printmakers and artists who work on paper.

NAVA the National Association for the Visual Arts is a great resource for artists.  It has a mountain of information for grants, residencies and prizes that are available for all artists in all art forms.

Facebook is a useful tool for promoting your business as an artist. Here you will find the link to my Facebook page.

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